Maintaining a Toshiba Copier to Prevent Frequent Repairs

If you are like any other seasoned office professional, you have probably lost count of the number of times that you have used a photocopier. However, for any photocopier to offer the kind of quality service you desire without breaking down, it needs excellent maintenance services. On the other hand, if the copier is not taken good care of, it is bound to require frequent photocopier repairs. How can you avoid spending much on repairs?

Photocopier Maintenance


This is the unit that connects the toner to the paper. It consists of two parallel rollers with the upper one having a silicon coating that is non-stick. The lower roller is made of a soft silicon rubber. It should be cleaned on a regular basis using a soft cloth by applying silicon oil. After wiping the fuser, you should then dry it using a different piece of clean cloth.


This is an aluminum cylinder that is coated with a light sensitive (photoconductive) film. In simple terms, it is where the paper and toner attaches to the copier. Cleaning it efficiently requires either a rubber or plastic blade (Mylar bar). When cleaning, you have to ensure that all the excess toner is removed and none is left stuck on the photocopier’s drum.


This is a powder that consists of dye colored plastic that is finely grounded. When heated, the powder is what becomes the ink that is printed on the paper. A developer is also part of the toner. It is just a metallic chemical that is also finely ground. The toner is flawlessly cleaned by using a special vacuum toner that is meant for a copier machine. To avoid hindering printing quality, ink flow, and frequent copier repair, try cleaning it on a regular basis.

The toner usually runs out after some time depending on the copier’s usage. With this, it is imperative to change/replace it in due course. As soon as there is an indication that the toner needs to be changed, do it immediately. Otherwise, getting fast Toshiba photocopier repairs will be the order of the day. Here is a little help on how to go about changing the toner.

•    Open the processing unit cover
•    Remove the existing toner container
•    Shake the new toner thoroughly
•    Replace it with the fresh toner container
•    Replace the photocopier’s machine unit
•    Close the covers correctly


Clean the scanner using an anti-static cleaning liquid. Wipe its surface using a clean cloth first, then clean it using the cleaner liquid and then use a clean, dry cloth to clean a third time. It is advisable to clean the scanner every time to maintain the quality of copies being produced. Read more at Printer repairs

Other components that you will need to ensure that are clean all the time to avoid frequent repairs include:
•    Paper Cassette/Paper tray
•    Paper feed
•    Corona (both charge and transfer)
•    Inbuilt cleaning unit


Once in a while, the photocopier will need servicing so as not to require fast Toshiba photocopier repairs frequently. Get the services of a reliable Toshiba repair centre that offers tune-up options as well. You can get dependable ones by researching on the internet, getting referrals from previous customers, reading reviews, and having one-on-one interviews with a number of companies.

Wear and Tear

Conversely, after using your copier, it may need fast Toshiba photocopier repairs due to the usual wear that can happen to any given product that has been in service for some time. When this occurs, ensure that you hire the services of a reputable Toshiba copier repair company that will fix the machine. For more details please visit this site

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