Advantages of Using Asphalt Paving on Driveways

Driveways play an essential part in any home. They help to enhance the value of a home by availing off-street parking and when constructed well, even its curb appeal. In addition, they provide some place for playing different games, such as basketball, roller skating and others. A majority of homes have concrete and asphalt or bitumen driveways since these materials are fairly durable and cost-effective.


The Asphalt paving services Melbourne firms provide are one of the more durable and cost-effective that eco-conscious clients can utilize for their driveways. Durability is among the main considerations that homeowners have for not selecting concrete. The difference present in the two materials results from their construction form. Concrete comprises of cement, water and sand or aggregate like crushed rock. Cement binds the mixture that dries into some stiff mass, which is susceptible to cracking if the surface underneath is not smooth. Asphalt paving is a flexible alternative that accommodates surface imperfections while still remaining durable and extremely hard. This material is constructed using a binder of bitumen, which is a crude oil derivative that binds the aggregate. The resultant mixture is applied hot then pressed into place. The asphalt paving produces durable bitumen driveways. Apart from being less likely to crack, these have lower vulnerability to flaking or spalling that is occasioned by poor installation or application of salts used for melting ice during winter. As well, it is important noting that concrete has higher susceptibility to weathering and staining action.

Lower Ownership Costs

Lower costs of ownership are yet another reason of opting for asphalt paving. The material costs much less to both install and maintain for the entire driveway-life. Installation takes between one and two days, with the driveway being ready for use in just about two days following its completion. Maintaining this type of surface also gets easier and cheaper. Application of sealant should be made for each period of between three and five years, which prolongs the driveway-life. As well, cracks can get repaired easily using a kit sourced from a home improvement store. Undertaking proper maintenance of the Driveway Asphalting Melbourne companies install can for instance make the surface to last for thirty years or even longer. By contrast, installing concrete takes much longer and its usability could require up to a week. Costs of concrete can also spiral upwards if a homeowner desires creating a custom pattern, color or finish. Check out


Making asphalt Carparks is also a better choice too for instance, for eco-conscious homeowners, since they can be fully recycled. Nearly 80 percent of the material gets recycled when removed, which is more frequently than plastic or paper. The aggregate can additionally be made using recycled glass, glass, slag, foundry sand, shingles, pavement and pig manure. Utilizing these materials could save homeowners numerous cubic yards of landfill space annually. As well, making use of reclaimed products minimizes the need for employing virgin binder. The action allows this material to be utilized at lower temperatures, reducing energy demands as well as emissions.

Homeowners should consider the various benefits that come with making bitumen driveways using asphalt.

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